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Whether it's your level of education or expertise, we match you with companies looking for your qualifications! Meaningful careers are our goal!

JumpShipNow (JSN) is an online job marketplace which provides currently employed applicants the opportunity to connect with companies without the dreaded fear of repercussions from their network.

The value is twofold.

1.  Potential job applicants currently employed can connect with companies looking to hire with the peace of mind a confidential job search provides.

2.  Employers searching for the perfect hire unlock potential job candidates who would otherwise refrain from publishing their resume.  These currently employed candidates, by the way, are typically of a higher quality than their unemployed counterparts.  

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JSN uses simple and intuitive software to block an entire user’s network from accessing their resume.  JSN filters a list of user generated company email addresses defined simply by @company_name.com.  This simple and elegant interface eliminates the excess clutter associated with the job search and, most importantly, provides the customer the peace of mind that their resume will never be viewed by @company_name.com.  

JSN, unique amongst job search websites

You choose! We eliminate companies you would prefer not know you're looking elsewhere.