A simple marketplace for those individuals who are currently employed to start a job search confidentially.  

    1. Our intelligent software eliminates companies and individuals who you would prefer not to see your resume.  

    2. Our streamlined resume captures the information which employers care about most.  

    3. Our sophisticated matching algorithms automatically forward your resume to those companies with whom you fit           best.

who we are


The online marketplace for your next job

Coming soon to a cubicle near you!

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our approach

Bridget Brennan Co-Founder.  Oversees creative decisions at JumpShipNow and the genius behind the simple, yet elegant solution for current employees to look elsewhere for jobs without fear of reproach from current employers. Intelligent and driven, always strives to keep the customer experience at JumpShipNow first and foremost in mind.

Sean Bakey Co-Founder.  Handles quantitative analysis and financial decisions for JumpShipNow.  Brings a passion for streamlined and efficient operations, both for the company and the customer.